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The company "Summit-Agro Ukraine" is included into group of companies "Summi Agro Europe".

The group "Sumi Agro Europe" is an important component of the activity of Sumitomo Corporation - one of the leading japanese multinational corporations.

Sumi Agro Europe manages a network of companies and branch offices, located in France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary,  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia, with the head office in London. These companies, including  Summit-Agro Ukraine specialize in development and distribution of high-technological products for agriculture, including crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds.

All companies of Sumi Агрго Europe group constantly exchange information and experience in the application of agrochemicals in different geographical and climatic conditions, achieving the most efficient way of products adaptation. Earlier the company, included into the group, represented on the regional markets the interests of the different countries-producers, acting mainly as a trading company. However, from 2009, was initiated the process of registration of own products and trade marks.

Starting from 2010, "Summit-Agro Ukraine" began to work on the registration of own crop protection products, and in 2011 they will gradually penetrated into the market. These changes will allow the clients of our company to acquire high-quality and safe japanese products, professional technical support and competitive prices.

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