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Welcome to the official website of SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd !

SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd., the member of SUMI AGRO EUROPE group, was established in 1999 by SUMITOMO CORPORATION, one of Japan's leading multinational company.

Main activity of our company is a wholesale of crop protection products. 

Today SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd. is an official importer and exclusive representative in Ukraine of such world-wide known producers of pesticides, as:

  • Nippon Soda, Japan
  • Nissan Chemical Industries, Japan
  • Mitsui Chemicals, Japan
  • Kumiai, Japan
  • Nihon Nohyaku, Japan
  • Synthos, Poland
  • Agropak, Poland
  • Rotam Agrochemical Europe,  Great Britain... and others

In order to meet the requirements of Ukrainian farmers, SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd. offers complex technologies of crops protection - programs for orchards, vineyards, sugar beet, oil seed rape, wheat etc.

Combining European experience with traditionally high Japanese quality,  adapting international recommendations to Ukrainian reality,  SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd. provides Ukrainian farmers with modern technological solutions, fresh information and high-skilled technical support!


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