History of SUMITOMO Corp. dates back to the 17th century, when Masatomo Sumitomo and Riemon Soga set up common business - copper mining and smelting. As time goes by, their business extended over a number of other activities, such as finances, insurance, cast-iron and steel-smelting industry, real estate. Today SUMITOMO Corp. is one of the largest companies of Japan.

SUMITOMO CORPORATION was founded in 1919

SUMITOMO CORPORATION is in the Top Five of the world's biggest multinational corporations (the company is represented in 67 countries and counts more than 72 000 employees).

Main business activities are metallurgy, transport, building, infrastructure, communications, energy, chemistry, consumer goods etc. Agricultural chemistry has been actively developed since 1962. With establishment of mighty corporation Masatomo Sumitomo has founded the great TRADITION, which principles were sealed in "Founder's precepts". Integrity of the company, stabilty, transparency of the corporation policy have become the golden rules for all companies of the group SUMITOMO.

Head office of "Sumitomo", Tokyo, Japan

"Sumitomo Corporation" has 23 representative offices in Japan and 110 representative offices in 66 other countries of the world. "Sumitomo Corporation", "Sumy Agro Europe", "Summit Agro Ukraine" and other companies at the national level provide a solid basis for product development, marketing and logistics operations in the agricultural sector. 

SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd. follows the Japanese traditions and provides Ukrainian farmers with high-quality, safe for people and environmentally friendly products.

SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd. entered the market with 6 crop protection products, but such supply could not meet the requirements of the Ukrainian farmers, therefore our company continuously increases the range of the products. The main goal of SUMMIT-AGRO UKRAINE Ltd. is to combine the high-quality pesticides in crop protection technologies, careful control and intensive support during their application.